Home movies to DVD

USB flash drive or SD card(up to 2 hrs) to DVD – $17

DVD to flash drive or SD card (up to 2 hrs) – $17

Fix broken tapes 〮$17

Dance Recitals 〮$17

School Plays 〮$17

Copies up to 2 hrs. length) 〮1-5 copies $15ea, 6-10 copies $13ea, over 10 $12ea

Graduations 〮Starting at $17

Sports demos for college 〮Start at $50/hour  〮View Sample

Editing 〮Starts at $50/hour

Still photos to video 〮$1.25 each

Transfer VHS tapes(up to 2 hrs.length) to DVD 〮1-5 copies $15ea, 6-10 copies $13ea, over 10 $12ea

All videos can be put on DVD, VHS, SD card or flash drive

Prices subject to change.

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